CEO Message

Pi Distribution Inc. was founded upon the belief that the best of hibachi grills could produce the ultimate customer satisfaction. It was upon this belief that we introduced the FANMATM Electric Teppanyaki Table, an innovative hibachi grill which has revolutionized the restaurant industry by offering an aesthetically appealing method of tableside cooking.

Throughout 30 years of experience in the restaurant business, we cultivated a vision for customer satisfaction. What began as a humble, family-run restaurant eventually grew to six different restaurants across Michigan, comprised of three Japanese Steakhouses and three Asian cuisines. Over the years, we upheld great food, great service, and great value as the pillars of our restaurant business.

With the same vision in mind, Pi Distribution Inc. was established in order to produce a technologically innovative grill that would change the nature of grills forever, with the ultimate hope of generating as much guest satisfaction as possible. This vision was realized at our flagship showroom restaurant, Genji Japanese Steakhouse in Novi, Michigan. We noticed the smiles on the faces of our customers and immediately realized the tremendous impact our table would have on the restaurant industry. To this end, we are restlessly researching on how to best develop our technology. In the future, we hope to implement our vision of customer satisfaction by not only targeting people’s experiences at restaurants but also their experiences at various entertainment industries, such as cruise lines, sports stadiums, hotels, wedding halls, etc.

We take pride in our eco-friendly products and we are excited to introduce them to you. Most importantly, we are committed to meeting all of our clients personally to ensure that each product can be customized for your needs. We hope to have you become a part of this experience in bringing more smiles to future customers.

Best Regards,
Henry Pi

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